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Clothing Policy

For your safety, we require closed toe shoes when on Conservit property. Please plan accordingly.    …
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Children under age 12

For safety purposes, children under the age of 12 will not be permitted into the scrap yard. They may remain at the office or in the office parking lot, but MUST be accompanied by an adult. Thank you for your understanding.
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Gas Tank Policy

*Effective Immediately* We will now be charging our customers a processing fee for any gas tanks that are brought in without having several (at least 10) holes and gas drained out. The fee will be $25 per gas tank. This includes all vehicle and equipment types (cars, vans, trucks, buses etc.)…
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Propane Tanks/ Closed Cylinders

Conservit will no longer be accepting propane tanks unless they are cut in half and painted fluorescent orange– NO EXCEPTIONS. (We sell fluorescent orange spray paint at the customer counter if you need to purchase it) We wont accept ANY loose gas tanks, compressed gas tanks, or closed cylinders. We will also only be accepting steel cable if it is cut into 5′ lengths or shorter. These are all for safety precautions. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!…
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Visit our other locations

We are excited to announce the expansion of our business. We have a secondary yard, Raven Recycling, located at 169 Sleepy Hollow Rd. New Bloomfield, PA (717) 582-4040. In addition to that, we have a 3rd yard, Eagle Auto, located at 2744 Eagle School Rd. Martinsburg, WV (304) 263-6664. If you are applying for a job at any of these 3 locations you may do so on this website, and just notate which location you are applying for.
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