Turn your scrap into $$$!


Do you pay by cash or check?

We are now paying by CASH! There is still an option to be paid by check if needed.

Are the prices & hours of operation at your other yards the same as Conservit Inc’s?

No. Please contact Raven Recycling and Eagle Auto directly if you would like their current scrap prices and hours of operation. Eagle Auto- 304-263-6664 & Raven Recycling- 717-582-4040.

Do I need a title to scrap a vehicle?

Yes. We cannot accept any other form of paperwork than a clear title with no lien.

What is the definition of a complete vehicle?

A complete vehicle is not missing any parts. That includes the battery, catalytic converter, wheels/tires etc. The vehicle doesn’t need to run or be in good condition in order for it to be considered complete.

Will Conservit pick up scrap metal or vehicles from a residence or business?

We do not offer any type of towing service for single vehicles. However, we do offer a variety in sizes of roll-off containers that we will drop off at your location and come pick up when it’s ready. We also have car trailers that you can live load. Give us a call today to check the availability.