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  • Ferrous
    Item Name Price Pounds
    5' & Under Plate & Structural (I-beams)7.00100
    A Complete Vehicle is not missing any parts ie: battery/cat converter/wheels & tires etc.0.000
    A Prepared Gas Tank has several holes in it or has been cut in half0.000
    Auto/Shredder ( Vehicle with scrap inside) (must have title)5.00100
    Autos- Shells without Motors (must have title)4.75100
    Autos- with Motors and Prepared Gas Tank (must have title)5.25100
    Autos-Complete w/Prepared Gas Tank (must have title)7.25100
    Autos-Complete with Unprep Gas Tank (must have title)5.50100
    Bus (must have title)4.00100
    Cast Iron6.00100
    Fencing- We will accept this but do not pay for it0.00100
    Heavy Breakable4.00100
    Prepared #1 (must be at least 1/4" thick and cut in lengths 2'x2'x5')7.00100
    Shredder ( i.e. Washers & Dryers, Lawnmowers, Bicycles, Refrigerators/Freezers etc.)5.00100
    Steel Wheels (must contain no lead wheel weights)5.50100
    Truck (must have title)5.25100
    Unprepared #1 (must be at least 1/4" thick and can be any length)5.50100
    Unprepared Plate & Structural (I-beams)5.50100
  • Non Ferrous
    Item Name Price Pounds
    Alum/Copper Condensers0.901
    Aluminum BX Cable0.601
    Aluminum Cans0.401
    Aluminum Cast0.401
    Aluminum Condensers0.351
    Aluminum Extrusions0.501
    Aluminum MLC0.451
    Aluminum Pet Food Cans0.301
    Aluminum Sheet0.401
    Aluminum Siding0.451
    Aluminum Wheels0.451
    Ballast (Must state No PCB'S)0.071
    Batteries- Lead Acid0.251
    Batteries- Re-chargeable/Power Tool0.051
    Batteries- Steel Cased0.201
    Brass- Gun Shells0.851
    Brass- Red1.401
    Brass- Yellow1.201
    Catalytic Converters will be priced on site * If you dont have a business license, we cannot except them*0.000
    Copper #12.001
    Non Ferrous
    Item Name Price Pounds
    Copper #21.801
    Copper- Bare Bright2.051
    Copper- Light1.701
    Electric Motors0.131
    Heater Cores1.001
    Insulated Copper Wire- Price Is To Be Determined Based on Copper Recovery0.001
    Irony Aluminum- Price is To Be Determined Based on Inspection0.001
    Lead- Soft0.451
    Lead- Wheel Weights0.201
    Radiators- Copper/Brass1.301
    Sealed Units (drained)0.081
    Stainless Steel0.301
    Starters- Aluminum Nose0.151
    Starters- Steel Nose0.051
    Steel BX Cable0.101